Drawing 288: The Robertson Lamb Hut, Great Langdale

Direction of view: ENE

Notes: The viewpoint is just across the road from Raw Head (Drawing 273). In terms of this collection, they are twins.

Wainwright’s foreground stones have been overgrown with briars, and it is now difficult to get an entirely satisfactory photo, my best effort being from the adjoining field.  The main building is unchanged, but the extension on the left has been altered.  Wainwright explains the history: Robertson Lamb was a prominent member of the Wayfarers Club, who died in 1927.  His sister provided funds as a memorial, and in 1930 the club bought a derelict cottage and adapted it for use as a base. 

This scene does not appear elsewhere in Wainwright’s published works.

Comments: I first took this picture (image 1) on slide film on 29th June 1977: see Drawing 273.  I took it again on slide film (image 2) on 16th April 1994, on my way with Peter Messenger to a walk over Bowfell and Esk Pike: see Drawing 392 for an account of that day.

Image 3 was taken on digital on 10th September 2014 (again, see Drawing 273).  It was mid-afternoon, and just right for the sunlight.  I spent some time deciding whether the picture was best taken inside the curtilage (with no foreground), or from the adjoining field.