Drawing 295: Bobbin Works, Stott Park

Direction of view: WNW

Notes: Young trees have been planted in the right foreground, largely obscuring the building shown there in the sketch.  AW records that the bobbin works closed in 1971 “and the ingenious machines used in manufacture are fated to be dead museum pieces”.  In fact, English Heritage operates the site (as possibly the last remaining bobbin mill in the world) and some of the machinery has been restored and is still used.

Comments: I first visited this place on 14 April 2012 on my way to Hawkshead (see 176).  The Bobbin Works was closed, so the scene was deserted, as shown by AW. Unfortunately, the weather was determinedly overcast, but the picture is worth including, as the building on the right is visible.

However, a better picture was obtained on 1st July 2018 (see 196 for an account of that day).  The site was open, and a couple of visitors are being greeted at the entrance by a member of staff; a detail I included for scale.

This scene does not appear elsewhere in Wainwright’s published works.

The mill is a scheduled ancient monument.  It was purpose-built in 1835, and expanded in the 1850s. It used local coppiced wood; in full production it would have made a big impact on the local landscape.