Drawing 293: The summit of Ill Bell

Direction of view: NNE

Notes: Only three cairns now (July 2012) adorn the summit of Ill Bell, and the viewpoint is near to the lowest (in altitude) of them.  The foreground here fits exactly with AW’s sketch.

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film on 4th April 1977.  Peter Messenger and I managed to squeeze in eight sketches before a round of the Kentmere horseshoe (when we got two more – this and 146).  It was a clear morning, but the weather deteriorated as the day progressed, and there was some sleet and rain before we finished the walk, which was after 7pm.

I took this picture for the digital project on 15th July 2012, on a walk with Peter and Ruth Messenger (see Drawing 146).  We puzzled awhile over exactly where it was taken from, but the fencepost, tiny though it is in the sketch, gives a vital clue.  When you reach the right spot, it falls into place perfectly.  The top of the fell was busy with walkers, but luckily I managed a picture without unacceptable intrusion.

This view also appears on page 180 of Westmorland Heritage, page 9 of Fellwalking with a Camera, on page Ill Bell 6 in The Far Eastern Fells, and  as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 406 – a picture which shows rather more finesse than most in that volume.