Drawing 292: Grains Gill

Direction of view: SSW

Notes: To find the viewpoint, follow the Grains Gill path until approx. ¼ mile after the footbridge.  The path gets quite close to the Gill; leave it to cross a sloping grassy area to the stream bank.  The trees that Wainwright sketched were still there in 1977, but are now long gone.

The only other place in Wainwright’s published work where this sketch appears is on page 163 of Wainwright in Lakeland.  As always with that volume, this is simply a reprint of this sketch.

Comments: Peter Messenger took this picture in June 1977, and his picture is undoubtedly correct (image 1).

On 17th May 2017, Peter and I went up Grains Gill looking for the sketch location, and totally failed to find it.  On my next visit, on 4th February 2018, I took Peter’s photo with me, and this time did locate it (image 2).  With the gill in deep shadow, and Great End in the background plastered in snow, it was a difficult subject to photograph, and the picture below has undergone a bit of “post processing”.

After taking the picture, I continued up to Sprinkling Tarn (another beautiful name, which means “the sparkling pool”), where I met Peter Watson, and we enjoyed an excellent winter traverse of the Allen Crags – Glaramara ridge.  I took sketches 271 and 312 from Glaramara summit.