Drawing 291: Great End

Direction of view: S

Notes: The viewpoint is a small tarn close to the 1970’ summit at the northern end of the top of Seathwaite Fell.  The only other place in Wainwright’s published work where this image appears is on page 76 of Fellwalking with a Camera.  The tarn is shallow, and gradually becoming overgrown with reeds.

Comments: I visited this location on 11th September 2015, on a walk with Anne Setright: see 134 for an account of that day.  We very much enjoyed exploring the summit of Seathwaite Fell, which is akin to Haystacks in its interesting features and excellent views.  Just as we left the point which AW idiosyncratically treats as the summit (“although obviously it isn’t”, as he himself says), Anne noticed that the nearby tarn was the viewpoint for the sketch.  AW’s view indicator is therefore in the wrong place.  But conditions were too hazy to get a decent picture.

Several further attempts were thwarted by mist or rain, and finally this became the very last picture I required to complete this project.  On 7th August 2019 I set out to remedy this.  All Lakeland was in sunshine – all except the Scafell – Gable massif, which was under heavy cloud.  By the time I got to Sty Head, it was raining!

I had decided to visit in the evening, as the view is due south.  I reached the tarn at 6.30pm; Great End was completely invisible.  I settled down to wait, and at 8pm on 7th August 2019 finally got this picture, and thereby completed the project.  Happy?  Yes I was happy, as anyone might be who comes to the end of the road not too far behind the clock!  Sorry and relieved, too: I enjoyed the journey, and suffered nothing worse than a broken ankle.