Drawing 290: The Scafell range, from Coniston Old Man

Direction of view: NNW

Notes: The foreground is now mostly bare earth, and much less stony than shown in the sketch.  This may be the result of visitors removing the stones to add to the huge cairn.

Comments: I took this picture on slide film during a traverse of the Coniston Fells with Peter Messenger on 4th April 1993.  We set out from Wrynose Pass at 1.30pm, so it was quite late by the time we were on the tops, where there was “much photography and slow progress” according to my walks diary.  We then traversed Dow Crag to Walna Scar Pass, and finished the day with a bar meal at the Sun Inn in Coniston.

I took the picture for the digital project on 25th July 2015.  I had planned a walk in the Coniston fells visiting eight sketch locations, and as I drove to Coniston, it was a lovely summer morning.  However, heavy clouds formed, and sunny intervals were scarce by the time I arrived on the summit.  I stopped for a bite to eat, and the sun came out, giving an attractive shot.  There were several other walkers around, but only one in the shot; he noticed what I was doing, and kindly moved out of the way!

This view also appears as sketch 7 in A Furness Sketchbook (a different drawing from the same viewpoint, still with the tiny figures of two walkers on the ridge), on page 49 of Fellwalking with a Camera, page 90 of Ex-Fellwanderer (a slightly smaller print from sketch 290), page 84 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer (together with the sketch, for comparison); it is the 16th photograph in Fellwanderer, and there is a sketch on page Coniston Old Man 18 in The Southern Fells.