Drawing 284: Deer enclosure, Wet Sleddale

Direction of view: NNE

Notes: This view is taken from inside the enclosure, looking back at its north east corner.  The enclosure is 700 yards upstream from the packhorse bridge.

Comments: I visited this location on 20th January 2014 (see Drawing 208). The normal entrance to the enclosure was deeply flooded, and I had to go round the back to get in.  The sky was bright to the west and the winter sun sank early, but there was no chance of it actually appearing to light the scene.

The wall of the enclosure has been built up on the right of the sketch.  The central tree is still there, as are branches on the left, but not the trees at right background.

This scene also appears on page 390 of Westmorland Heritage (a much smaller drawing of the same scene), and page 243 of The Outlying Fells.

Wainwright says that the two deer enclosures in Wet Sleddale are unique in the Lake District.  Historic England refer to it as the Buck Park deerpound and consider it to be of mediaeval origin.  It is a scheduled ancient monument.