Drawing 274: Cam Spout

Direction of view: NNW

Notes: Approaching from Eskdale, it appears this will be a view of Cam Spout gorge with Scafell Pike behind, but in fact the mountain in the view is Scafell, and you have to walk almost past Cam Spout itself to find the location of the picture, where stony meanderings of the beck provide the foreground.

Comments: Taken on 1st December 2012, when Anne Setright and I were on our way up Scafell: see Drawing 2 for details.  The pleasant scramble up by the waterfalls was tricky in places, due to ice on the rocks.

This scene also appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 252, it is on page 79 of Fellwalking with a Camera, and it forms the title page for the Scafell chapter in The Southern Fells.  The sketch omits the rubbly foreground that appears in the photo, and enhances the stature of Scafell.  The mountain drawing moves the sheep from one side of the foreground to the other.