Drawing 27: Middlefell Farm, Great Langdale

Direction of view: WNW

Notes: Middlefell Farm is next door to the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel.  The viewpoint is the driveway to the farm, just by the five-barred gate.  Both trees shown in the drawing have disappeared, the foreground has changed, and additional barns etc. have been added to the left of the original farm buildings.

This picture does not appear in any other of Wainwright’s published works.

Comments: I took image 1 on slide film on 12th April 1978, on a day in Langdale with Peter Messenger: see Drawing 10.

This picture is best taken in the morning, so my first visit with a digital camera at 4pm on 10th September 2014 was never going to yield a perfect result.  See Drawing 273 for an account of that day.  My next visit, on 5th June 2016, was much more satisfactory.  At the time I was recovering from a broken ankle; many days of glorious weather passed by without me being able to get onto the fells.  However on this morning, a Sunday, I decided on a drive out to get sketches in Little and Great Langdales.  After 212, 168 and 307 I parked at the Old Dungeon Ghyll, and got this picture.  Using my tripod and a Lee graduated filter to cope with the blinding whiteness of the farm walls, I got a result I was happy with (image 2).  The irises in the foreground are lovely at this time of year.