Drawing 269: Dove Crag, from Hartsop Dodd

Direction of view: W

Notes: Wainwright has made a mistake here.  The viewpoint is not Hartsop Dodd, but High Hartsop Dodd, pretty much from the summit.

This view also appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 220 (where the viewpoint is again erroneously stated to be Hartsop Dodd), on page 327 of Westmorland Heritage, page 113 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and page High Hartsop Dodd 3 in The Eastern Fells.  The other drawings generally differ from this one, though Wainwright in Lakeland uses the Lakeland Mountain Drawing image.  Page Hartsop Dodd 5 in The Far Eastern Fells is taken up with a drawing captioned “Dovedale”, which contrasts nicely with its equivalent on page High Hartsop Dodd 3 in The Eastern Fells.

Comments: My suspicions about this sketch crystallized when a correspondent named Stephen Armstrong emailed me to say he couldn’t make the view from Hartsop Dodd look like the sketch.  I visited the “locus in quo” on 4th July 2018, and took the picture on the left.  This illustrates the problem, and raised the issue as to whether the Wainwright sketch was from Hartsop Dodd at all.  The only other contender as the viewpoint was High Hartsop Dodd.  A big clue is provided by the fact that the same picture appears in The Eastern Fells, on page High Hartsop Dodd 3.  I climbed High Hartsop Dodd on 6th October 2018 with Peter Watson, and sure enough, there was the view Wainwright drew.  Luckily, after a cloudy morning, the sun came out just as we reached the viewpoint.  Our walk continued to Little Hart Crag, Red Screes and Middle Dodd, with beautiful views all the way, but a cold wind.