Drawing 267: Loft Crag

Direction of view: SE

Notes: The viewpoint is the summit of Pike o’ Stickle.  Wainwright hasn’t got the detail of Windermere (visible in the background) quite right: see below.  This view appears seven times in Wainwright’s works, the other six being: Lakeland Mountain Drawing 125, Westmorland Heritage page 214, page Loft Crag 1 in The Central Fells, page 27 of Fellwalking with a Camera, the ninth photo in Ex-Fellwanderer, and page 83 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer, where it appears together with the photo, an interesting juxtaposition because Wainwright appears to have moved Windermere so that it appears above the summit of Loft Crag.  The mountain drawing follows the sketch in this respect.

Comments: I took my first picture on slide film on 1st August 1981, when Peter Messenger and I were doing the Great Langdale horseshoe walk.  On a muggy morning, we climbed Lingmoor Fell first, and it was only much later, as we sat on Rosset Pike, that the sun emerged and we secured a photo of sketch 232.  We continued to Pike o’ Stickle for a “long photographic stop”.  Then it was on over Loft Crag for 267 then to Harrison Stickle, and the Blea Rigg ridge, finishing back at Elterwater at 10.35pm.

I took the second photo on digital on 5th May 2012, on a round of the Langdale Peaks with Peter Messenger (see Drawing 245).  We had lunch on the summit of Pike o’ Stickle waiting for good lighting on this subject, and were rewarded with a nice shot.