Drawing 266: The Lakeland Folk Museum, Kendal

Direction of view: W

Notes: Parked cars have been a problem, but are currently (April 2021) excluded.  The view is taken without leaves on the trees, and in summer, foliage would obscure part of the view.  Shadows can be awkward, too.  Best chance is about 10am in April.

Comments: I took this picture on 29th November 1980, on a day out with Peter Messenger: see Drawing 185.

My first visit for the digital project was early in 2012 to get the direction of view: it was a dull day.   I returned and took the picture on 19th February 2012, on my way to meet Peter and Ruth Messenger for a walk (see Drawing 99).  But there was one parked car…

Although I finished the project in 2019, this picture just bugged me, and I went to photograph it again on 11th April 2021 – at 10am of course!  Note that Wainwright shows six bollards, and now there are only three.

This establishment is now known as The Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry (colloquially known by its’ acronym, “MOLLI”).  It was formerly the stable block of Abbot Hall, and opened as a museum in 1971.  It is currently run by the Lakeland Arts Trust.

The Museum has a collection of almost 5000 glass negatives of photographs by Joseph Hardman, taken between the 1930s and 1960s.  These are accessible via the Museum’s website: https://www.lakelandmuseum.org.uk/joseph-hardman and they are another invaluable historical record of the Lakeland landscape and the lives of locals and tourists.

This view also appears on page 162 of Westmorland Heritage (cropped to exclude the treetops and sky), and in the introductory pages of Wainwright in Lakeland (the full size sketch; although the cropped version is on the dustjacket).