Drawing 263: Crinkle Crags from Oxendale

Direction of view: W

Notes: The viewpoint is on / near the footbridge in Oxendale.

This view appears on page 61 of Fellwalking with a Camera, it is the 17th photo in Ex-Fellwanderer, on page 49 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer (where it appears together with the photo), and the top portion of it is on page 213 of Westmorland Heritage.  The sheep do not appear in the photograph, but are a nice foreground feature in the sketch.

Comments: I first took this picture on 28th November 2016, on a walk with Peter Watson.  The forecast had been excellent, but the day was disappointingly dull until well into the afternoon.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the walk up by Whorneyside Force, and along the Crinkles ridge.  Oxendale is prone to flooding, and particularly after Hurricane Desmond in 2015, the beck will have changed since AW’s picture, so it is more important to pay attention to the other features of the landscape.

I took the picture again in better conditions on 30th August 2017, whilst bound for Pike o’ Blisco (see 281 for an account).  The best angle on this occasion seemed to be just a couple of paces onto the bridge.  I used a Lee graduated filter to darken bright clouds over the Crinkles.