Drawing 258: High Street

Direction of view: S

Notes: The viewpoint is a promontory close to the Straits of Riggindale, and on the path to Kidsty Pike: grid reference NY440124.

A part of this sketch appears on page 34 of Ex-Fellwanderer, page 28 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer; a larger part is on page 395 of Westmorland Heritage.

Comments: I first took this picture (image 1) on slide film on 15th September 1991 on a walk over High Street from Troutbeck to Martindale with Peter Messenger.  We started up Troutbeck Tongue, and finished the walk descending from The Nab. It was clear on the tops with wide-ranging views, and we watched a hawk hovering and wheeling, and on Kidsty Pike we disturbed a golden eagle, which sped across the valley towards High Street. If only such an encounter were possible now!

I took the picture with my digital camera (then a Canon EOS 400) on 13th April 2015, on an outing from Martindale with Peter Watson.  The weather was quite gloomy for much of the day, but attractively bright as we reached this viewpoint, with a dark sky and new snow on the ground.  The only problem was a buffeting gale from the south, which made lining up the view and holding the camera steady problematic.  However, with no foreground to worry about, one can be less precise!  This was the only sketch I got all day (image 2), but it was a good walk, particularly the descent via the Beda Fell ridge – with the wind behind us.