Drawing 254: Kern Knotts, Great Gable

Direction of view: WNW

Notes: Take the Gable south traverse path from Sty Head.  The tiny section of fell in the left background (part of Kirk Fell) is key to lining up the picture.

Comments: I took this photo (image 1) on slide film on 26th May 1992, on a walk with Peter Messenger: see Drawing 264.

I took the photo for the digital project (image 2) on 29th October 2017 – see 340 for an account of that day.  The foreground path shown by AW doesn’t now exist; there is a path of sorts higher up the slope, but this is rough and shifting terrain.

The two prominent cracks are Kern Knotts Crack, first climbed by Owen Glynne Jones in 1897, and Innominate Crack, first climbed by G. S. Bower in 1921. As Wainwright says, the two original routes have since been augmented by others.   Like Napes Needle, Kern Knotts has a standard view, showing the two cracks, and this view is so often seen that other views of Kern Knotts seem “wrong”.

This view also appears on page Great Gable 10 in The Western Fells, but not elsewhere in Wainwright’s published works.