Drawing 250: The Solitary, Blea Tarn

Direction of view: WNW

Notes: Best taken mid-morning, to get sun on the large right hand wall of the house.

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film in the autumn of 1991, probably on 3rd November, on a day which was concentrated on photography rather than walking.  Other sketches probably taken on the same day were 86, 310, 219, 160, 307 and 196, and almost certainly this was a day with Peter Messenger, looking for autumn colours.

Taken for the digital project on 6th February 2012.  See Drawing 1 for comments.

AW notes that this house was immortalised as “The Solitary” in a poem of that title by Wordsworth:

…to the south
Was one small opening, where a heath-clad ridge
Supplied a boundary less abrupt and close;
A quiet treeless nook, with two green fields,
A liquid pool that glittered in the sun,
and one bare Dwelling; one Abode, no more !
It seemed the home of poverty and toil
Though not of want: the little fields, made green
By husbandry of many thrifty years,
Paid cheerful tribute to the moorland House.

The scene also appears on page 205 of Westmorland Heritage (a different and smaller drawing of the same scene); and page 172 of Wainwright in Lakeland, where the same original sketch has been used.