Drawing 249: The Scafells from Middle Fell

Direction of view: E

Notes: A classic scene, also appearing as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 146 and on page 93 of Fellwalking with a Camera, page 106 of Wainwright in Lakeland; and it is the 41st photo in Fellwanderer.  On page 103 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer, it appears together with a photograph of the scene.   The mountain drawing is of a similar scene, but with different foreground rocks.

The viewpoint is the summit of Middle Fell, though I haven’t matched up the rocks there exactly to AW’s drawing, which is beautifully delicate.

Comments: Image 1 was taken on 4th August 1979 on a day walk from Wastwater youth hostel during a solo trip around the western Lake District.  After ascending Buckbarrow, Seatallan and Middle Fell, there was “a race down the valley – and rewarding photography right up to Wasdale Head!”.

Image 2 is my digital photograph of the sketch, taken on 2nd December 2012.  Anne Setright and I did a circular walk from Greendale up Middle Fell, then onto Seatallan and down via Buckbarrow.  Two other walkers were on exactly the same itinerary, and we caught up with them on each summit.  It was a clear morning, with cloud spreading in from the west, but we captured the scene in near-perfect conditions, with snow on the fells as shown by Wainwright.