Drawing 240: Wasdale, from Great Gable

Direction of view: SW

Notes: From Westmorland Cairn.  This view also appears on page 99 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and page Great Gable 28 in The Western Fells.  It’s surprising that he didn’t use such a strong image more.

Comments: I first took this photo on slide film on 26th May 1992, on a walk with Peter Messenger: see drawing 161.

I took the picture on digital on 17th June 2013, but didn’t get a decent picture until 6th July 2019 – see 135 for an account of that day. Because of the direction in which it is looking, this view is very prone to haze and / or contrary lighting.  I experimented with different camera settings to get this shot.  For information about the cairn, see drawing 161.

The Westmorland brothers considered this the finest view in Lakeland, and many since have agreed with them.  In “The High Fells of Lakeland”, Walt Unsworth wrote: “All Wasdale lies spread out like a carpet below; the incredible criss-cross of stone walls on the green patches of the valley head, the hotel, church and farm buildings, and the road ribboning away to meet Wastwater.  Steep fells….. seem to cut the dale off from the rest of civilisation”.