Drawing 229: The Vale of Keswick

Direction of view: SW

Notes: From Gale Road, or just above it.  There is a prominent conifer plantation adjacent to the road not far below the top, and by climbing the steep bank to the very edge of this, one gets the closest possible approximation to Wainwright’s view. The foreground has changed a lot since Wainwright photographed it, and perhaps the spirit of Wainwright’s sketch can best be captured now by a picture which avoids the obstructive trees and other foreground distractions.  The one from 2nd January 2019 was taken from the slopes of Latrigg, , after Peter Messenger and I had conducted quite a search. 

This view also appears on page 103 of Wainwright in Lakeland, page 187 of Fellwalking with a Camera, and page Latrigg 8 in The Northern Fells.

Comments: I finally found the viewpoint closest to Wainwright’s on 26th March 2019 – a day with Anne Setright, tracking down and improving on four sketches (93, 256 and 305 as well as this one).  Anne held the sketch as I balanced precariously on the steep bank.

By contrast,  Peter Messenger’s picture from the late 1970s.

2nd January 2019: a better picture, if not from Wainwright’s original viewpoint?