Drawing 224: Gray Crag, Burtness Combe

Direction of view: NW

Notes: The viewpoint is above Eagle Crag, near the path to the left (north) as you head towards High Crag.  It is much closer to High Stile than might be thought.

This view appears on page High Stile 16 in The Western Fells.  A similar view is on page 139 of Fellwalking with a Camera, but from a more distant viewpoint, further along the ridge to High Crag.

Comments: I took this picture on 10th September 2015 on a walk with Anne Setright (see 124 for full details of that day).  We waited a while for the patchy sunlight to hit this particular patch, which eventually it did.

AW comments that Gray Crag “is perhaps regarded with deepest esteem by the many climbers who started their apprenticeship on this well known training ground”.  The climbing guide (which spells it Grey Crag, as do the Ordnance Survey), says that “the crag offers the largest family of easier routes in the Lake District”.  I still recall an exhilarating day there in 1993, with my climbing partner of the time, Bill Cross.  I noted that, as we climbed, “the combe wrapped impressively around, deserted but for us”.  Our favourite route was Oxford and Cambridge Direct, which I noted as “a bold and exposed line on beautiful clean rock”.