Drawing 214: Mirk Cove, Ennerdale

Direction of view: E

Notes: The viewpoint is about 200 feet down the north ridge of Steeple.  This view also appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 194. The viewpoint for the mountain drawing is a couple of paces to the right of the viewpoint for this sketch.

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film on 24th February 1981, on a walk with Peter Messenger and Andrew Amos.  From Overbeck Bridge we traversed Yewbarrow, finding the descent of Stirrup Crag covered in soft snow and awkward; then on to Red Pike (drawings 109 and 355).  Beyond, the route to Scoat Fell and Steeple was covered in hard snow and ice.  The sun shone all day long, and we took this drawing and also 28.  We descended via Scoat Tarn and Nether Beck, and watched Joss Naylor getting a sheep out of the beck.  From my diary: “One of the best things about the day was the descent by Nether Beck in gathering twilight; the quiet fells in the dusk of a lovely day”.

I took the picture for the digital project on 23rd July 2013, an excellent day out with Peter Watson.  We were staying for two nights at Black Sail youth hostel, and spent the intermediate day climbing Steeple by the north ridge, continuing to Scoat Fell, Red Pike (my first visit there for over 32 years!), Black Crag and Pillar, descending via the Shamrock Traverse and Pillar Cove.  The weather was superb, although hot for walking, and the north ridge of Steeple was a tough proposition.  Distant views were a bit hazy, but that is not a problem for this sketch, and I found it in good condition at about midday.  Other drawings bagged that day were 28, 36 and 44.