Drawing 205: Castle How, Kendal

Direction of view: NW

Notes: Only practicable when there are no leaves on the trees.

This view also appears on page 160 of Westmorland Heritage, and it is on the introductory pages of Wainwright in Lakeland. Both show only the obelisk, and omit the context included in the sketch.

Comments: The mound is all that remains of a Norman motte and bailey castle.  There are 31 steps up to the top, divided by two landings (there were 39 steps in 1938). In 1788 the Whigs celebrated the centenary of the Glorious Revolution by setting up the obelisk, designed by Francis Webster and constructed by William Holme.  The obelisk bears a reproduction of the original plaque with the words “Sacred to Liberty  This obelisk was erected in the year 1788 in memory of the revolution in 1688”.

I first took this picture on slide film early in 1978, catching some quite dramatic lighting.  No other sketches were visited, and I don’t have a precise record of the date.

Taken for the digital project on 3rd February 2012, after a previous visit to get the direction of view.  There is a lot more foliage, but otherwise this simple scene is largely unchanged.