Drawing 201: Pillar

Direction of view: W

Notes: The viewpoint is to the east of the top of Loft Beck.  The rocks in the right foreground are further away than they may appear in the sketch, and are on the opposite side of the beck.

This view also appears on pages 90 and 183 of Wainwright in Lakeland, page 18 of A Coast to Coast Walk, and forms the title page for the Pillar chapter in The Western Fells. A photo is on page 111 of Fellwalking with a Camera; Wainwright has cut most of the foreground out of the sketch, which emphasises the massive presence of Pillar above Ennerdale.

Comments: I took this picture on 17th July 2017, which was a beautiful summer’s day, with continuous sunshine.  I left home at 5.40am, and after visits to “Demavend” and Bowness Bay, I stopped in Newlands to explore Swinside (see 37).  Then to Honister, where, fortified by a bacon roll, I proceeded to bag 10 sketches, none of which I had previously taken for the digital project – an outstanding contribution to proceedings, given that by the end of the day I had only 37 to go.  In order, the sketches taken were: 237, 70, 362, 359, 201, 157, 324, 125, 150 and 23. It was a great day out in such classic locations as Haystacks and Warnscale, and there were lots of other walkers, all in good spirits.  Wainwright refers to this as the finest side of Pillar “where man, to his shame, has hobbled its roots in a tight skirt of conifers”.  Less so now.