Drawing 198: Sharp Edge, Blencathra

Direction of view: ENE

Notes: The picture is taken from the western end of the awkward section on the ridge, immediately before the start of the climb towards the summit.  I think the left hand side of the picture will never see sunlight. 

A small version of this scene (and others around Sharp Edge) appears in The Northern Fells, page Blencathra 26, and it is also on page 126 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer (a smaller print from the same drawing).  A different drawing of essentially the same scene is Lakeland Mountain Drawing 60; and in the Archives at Kendal (WDAW/2/3/8) there is yet another original drawing, similar but different to this sketch and the mountain drawing.

Comments: I took this picture on 19th March 2012, without actually traversing the edge.  I descended to it from the summit of Blencathra (which needs care), then climbed back again.  As I arrived, two walkers in training shoes were tackling it, and thought I had stopped because it was so windy!  I was lucky to get a few bursts of hazy sunshine.

Sharp Edge is a notorious accident blackspot, with casualties often falling into what Mountain Rescue call “the usual gully”.  I once traversed it with Peter Watson when the rock was wet and greasy, and it was a frightening experience!