Drawing 195: Borrowdale, from Eagle Crag

Direction of view: NW

Notes: Taken from the summit of Eagle Crag.  The little cairn comes and goes. Last time I was there, it had gone!  OK for the sun up to mid afternoon.

This view appears on page Eagle Crag 5 in The Central Fells, and on page 38 of Fellwalking with a Camera.  It is remarkable how similar the sketch and the photograph are.

Comments: This was one of the 14 sketches I photographed in the Spring of 2015, on a two day trip to Borrowdale .  Five were taken on 7th April: this one and 228, 277, 364 and 203.  The rock platform in the foreground is a great resting place; on a subsequent occasion David Claxton and his dogs Bracken and Bramble spent some time there whilst I conducted a lengthy search for the viewpoint for drawing 203.

In 1769 the poet Thomas Gray visited the Lake District, and Eagle Crag was pointed out to him, as the place “where the golden eagles nested above Stonethwaite, and how they depleted the local flocks to feed their young”.