Drawing 191: The High Stile range, from Wandope

Direction of view: SSW

Notes: Apart from the stones in the foreground, nothing has changed.

This view also appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 190, and on page 80 of Wainwright in Lakeland, page 166 of Fellwalking with a Camera, and page Wandope 8 in The North Western Fells.  The mountain drawing is similar to the sketch in terms of the scope of the view, but includes two sheep in the foreground.

The name of the fell is interesting. Its meaning is obscure, and its spelling variable. AW writes that “many generations of Lakeland walkers have known the fell as Wandope (Wandup a century ago). Now the Ordnance Survey claim good authority for naming it Wanlope”. Well, they have changed their minds; they now spell it Wandope again!

Comments: I first took this photo on 13th July 2014, on a walk with Peter Messenger.  We were following the “Wainwright Memorial Walk” from Newlands Pass to Buttermere.  We had mist and rain over the Ard Crags ridge, but by the time we reached Grasmoor the weather had improved, and there were views to the Isle of Man and Galloway coast.  Despite this, local conditions were rather hazy, so the photo could definitely be improved upon.  From Wandope, we descended over Whiteless Pike (drawing 210), and down to Buttermere.

I did indeed improve on the conditions of 2014 on 22nd June 2018, when I took the picture again (see 385 for details).  After taking the photo, I descended the Third Gill ridge, which is excellent at first, but then becomes steep heather and bilberry slopes.