Drawing 188: Red Screes and Kirkstone Pass

Direction of view: N

Notes: Taken from the summit of Wansfell Pike.  The main feature is the east flank of Red Screes, so will be best before mid afternoon.

This view does not appear in any of Wainwright’s other published works.

Comments: The first photo was taken on 26th April 2015 (see 172 above for an account of that day).  The summit was busy, and I had to wait awhile for other walkers to move away in order to get this foreground, which seemed to be the nearest approximation to AW’s sketch.

I took the picture again on 10th October 2018  – see 172 for an account of that day.  Neither photograph matches the sketch 100% in terms of the foreground and background interface; maybe Wainwright used a little artistic licence.

In 1855 Harriet Martineau wrote of Kirkstone as “the great pass of the district”, and it is still so today: the highest A class road in Lakeland.  AW wrote of Red Screes as visible from the south as a “high whale-backed mass”, and so it appears from my home village on the Kent Estuary – distant but unmistakeable.