Drawing 183: Dash Falls

Direction of view: SE

Notes: Barbed wire fences now impede access to Dash Falls.  Having surmounted them, the viewpoint will be found on the true right hand bank of the beck, near to the bottom of the falls.  The best light is early evening, Spring or Summer.

This view appears on page 160 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and on page Bakestall 10 in The Northern Fells.

Comments: Having passed by Dash Falls many time, I first visited them in close up on 14th May 2017 (see drawing 283 for an account of that day).  I approached the falls from above, negotiating steep ground and a barbed wire fence, then departed by a much easier route simply following the beck downstream.  Despite a very dry Spring, the falls were fresh and attractive.

Whilst taking my photograph, I noticed a dead racing pigeon at the foot of the falls.  I removed its leg rings, and sent details to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, who notified the owner.  The pigeon had been on its way from Scotland to the West Midlands.

As Wainwright notes, the falls are sometimes known as Whitewater Dash.