Drawing 178: Grisedale Pike, from Walla Crag

Direction of view: W

Notes: The island in the sketch is undoubtedly St. Herbert’s Island, but from the summit of Walla Crag this does not line up with the background fells as shown by AW.  The other question is: why does Rampsholme Island not appear in the sketch?  It inevitably will in any picture looking west from Walla Crag summit.  However, I have not found an alternative to the summit of Walla Crag as the viewpoint.  The cairn shown in AW’s drawing no longer exists; a smaller one is too far back from the edge of the crags to be useable in the foreground. This view appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 279, and is on page 46 of Fellwalking with a Camera.  AW has improved the composition in the sketch, compared to the photograph, where St. Herbert’s Island appears above the cairn. Although the mountain drawing is different, AW has stuck with the compositional.

Comments: I first took this picture on 7th April 2013, on a walk with Peter and Ruth Messenger (see 386 for full account), but the picture was hazy and is not shown here.  I got a much better photograph on 5th September 2018, on a walk from Ashness Bridge with David Claxton (Treasurer of The Wainwright Society).  We continued to Bleaberry Fell, High Seat, High Tove and Watendlath, on a beautiful day, perfect for walking.