Drawing 172: The Fairfield Horseshoe

Direction of view: NNW

Notes: The viewpoint is the summit of Wansfell Pike.  AW’s foreground of projecting rocks isn’t obvious, but maybe the heavily-trodden summit has changed a bit since his visit.  The only other appearance of this view in Wainwright’s published works is on page 194 of Memoirs of a Fellwanderer: a smaller version of the original sketch.

Comments: I first took this picture on 26th April 2015,  a beautiful bright Spring day with excellent air clarity and a chill wind.  I set out from Ambleside just before 10am, taking the picture of the Bridge House, and then up Wansfell Pike for this drawing and 188, and on to Wansfell for 378.  All three photos on Wansfell were obtained in good sunny conditions, though cloud shadows made sharp contrasts.

An alternative view was taken on 10th October 2018, a beautiful day, albeit a tad hazy.  I climbed Wansfell Pike from Ambleside with my friend Carolyn Bird, and secured a view which shows the fells more clearly, thanks to autumn colours (and a little post-processing…).  We descended via High Skelghyll and through the woods for a lovely circuit.  I used a tripod for both shots, for maximum sharpness.