Drawing 170: Sail and Eel Crag

Direction of view: WSW

Notes: The viewpoint is about half a mile along the Coledale mine road.  The minor kink in the road, just where it goes out of sight, identifies the viewpoint for sure.  This view is Lakeland Mountain Drawing 72, and appears on page 77 of Wainwright in Lakeland.  The mountain drawing is quite different to the sketch; although both are in winter; it includes Outerside, and the wider perspective pushes Eel Crag away.  A walker and his dog appear in the mountain drawing.

Comments: I first took this picture on slide film in late August / early September 1978, though I have no note of the precise date or circumstances.  It seems that lots of other drawings around Borrowdale were taken on the same day – namely 101, 277, 228, 387, 275, 173, 341, 223 and 377.

I took a picture for the digital project on 5th April 2017, on a walk with Peter Messenger (see 111 for an account of that day).  Peter had just changed to working four days a week, and this was his first free day (a Wednesday).  Although cloudy, it was a fine and dry day.  Note the tree protectors on some new planting on the left of the picture.