Drawing 167: Loweswater

Direction of view: NW

Notes: This picture is taken from the slopes of Mellbreak – on the direct ascent from Kirkstile.  This view appears on page 151 of Fellwalking with a Camera, and page 148 of Wainwright in Lakeland.  As always, the latter is just a reproduction of the sketch.

AW comments that, to many people, Loweswater is the sweetest of the lakes. His friend Molly Lefebure explains that its name derives from lausfer vatn, which is Norse for the leafy lake: a name apposite to this day. She describes it as “an enchanting little lake, drowsily idyllic for picnics”. For Harriet Martineau, writing a century earlier, “the circuit of Loweswater is a charming morning’s walk. There is a prosperous look about the homesteads there and a richness about the meadows”. My friend Andrew Amos recalls a family tradition of walking round the lake with his father and sister on Christmas mornings.

Comments: I looked for the viewpoint for this picture a couple of times before I found it on 10th October 2016. See drawing 289 for an account of that day. A belt of conifers now occupies the foreground, though other trees drawn by AW can still be distinguished.

Peter Messenger’s photo is from the late 1970s.