Drawing 164: The east face of Steeple

Direction of view: W

Notes: The viewpoint is the path leading off Black Crag to Scoat Fell.  Note that the scree run left of the summit directly faces the camera.

This view appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 196 (a different drawing to the original sketch), on page 123 of Fellwalking with a Camera, and page Steeple 8 in The Western Fells.

Comments: I visited the viewpoint on Black Crag on 27th February 2019, in hopes of getting this sketch.  A huge bank of cloud was pouring over Scoat Fell and down into Ennerdale.  I didn’t get the sketch, but it is worth recording what I did see.

I was there again on 15th July 2019, and finally got a photo; the second to last of all the 403 sketches to be photographed.  See 110 for more details on this day.