Drawing 15: The head of Kentmere

Direction of view: NW

Notes: Wainwright’s view indicator diagram is wrong – see below.  New fencing and tree protectors are an intrusive element (2015).

This scene also appears on page 42 of Ex-Fellwanderer and page 178 of Westmorland Heritage.  Both of these two images appear to be taken from this original drawing, although both show less than this drawing does.  Wainwright was always prepared to recycle work, even taking a pair of scissors to an original sketch to cut out a smaller image for use in some other work.  Evidence of this can be found in the Wainwright Archive held at the County Archives in Kendal.

Comments: I looked for the location for this sketch on a walk with Peter Watson in 2013, but we failed to find it.  It was successfully found by David Johnson of the Wainwright Society, who wrote: “The grid reference for the location is NY464050. AW simply looked over the wall, to the west of the road, next to where there is now a telegraph pole. This was after I had first scoured the ground on the other (east) side of the road (either side of the path towards Long Sleddale), which is where the location [map] seems to indicate.  A lovely moment to spot the wall and distinctive rocks (first from a field at NY465050), particularly after an hour or more of failure, then close in on the exact place where AW must have stood.”

I first took the picture on 13th May 2015.  After a day out with professional photographer Adrian Almond, I had purchased a set of Lee Filters for my camera, and went out to practice using these, visiting this sketch and then 383.  Unfortunately, a nice sunny morning had clouded over, but it was interesting to see how the filters worked, and to practice using them.