Drawing 149: Scafell Pike and Ill Crag, from Great Moss

Direction of view: NNW

Notes: This view has the honour of forming the title page to the Scafell Pike chapter in The Southern Fells.  It also appears on page 29 and 104 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and it appears on page 81 of Fellwalking with a Camera and as the eleventh photo in Ex-Fellwanderer.

The viewpoint is slightly problematic.  The sketch has a prominent dark mound in the foreground, whereas nothing quite so obvious seems to exist in fact.  There is a less prominent mound, but if one lines this up under Dow Crag, the foreground is of a placid river, with no rocks.  Wainwright’s mound certainly existed – his photograph proves that – but it appears to be of peat, and perhaps has eroded away. The viewpoint is on the true right bank of the Esk.

Comments: This was the last photo I took on 18th October 2018, a day which started gloriously enough in Little Narrowcove (see 122), but had its frustrations as the day went on, including several views being straight into strong sunlight.  Strong sunlight would have been welcome for this view, but I was too late in the day; it was well after 5pm as I got here, bound for a late finish in Eskdale.