Drawing 148: Doddick Gill, Blencathra

Direction of view: NW

Notes: Take in the morning to avoid shadows (though Wainwright’s drawing includes them).  This scene also features in The Northern Fells, page Blencathra 19, and as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 268. The latter is rather grand, making Blencathra look like a towering peak.

Comments: The viewpoint is just before the top of the lower, “buttress” part of Doddick Fell.  I took this picture on 19th March 2012, a very windy day, when it was difficult to hold the camera steady.  This was part of a day visiting 4 drawings, the others being 198 (Sharp Edge), 51 (Sinen Gill) and 93 (Lonscale Fell).

The first recorded use of the name Doddick Gill is in the 1890s.  Wainwright describes it as the most arduous route up Blencathra.