Drawing 147: Mardale Ill Bell

Direction of view: WSW

Notes: The viewpoint is on the road by Haweswater, ¼ mile short of the road end.  It is very difficult to get both the fell and the foreground well lit.  Late on a summer afternoon may be the best bet.

The only other appearance of this view in Wainwright’s works is on page 8 of Fellwalking with a Camera.  This is a poor photograph, and unless Wainwright had a better print to work from, it is remarkable that he could do so detailed a drawing from a hazy and rather overexposed print.

Comments: I took this picture on 10th February 2016, on a day out with Peter Watson.  The Haweswater road was blocked by debris from the floods of December 2015, and JCBs were working to clear it – fortunately only half a mile from the road end, so we parked there, and were soon at the viewpoint for this sketch.  We went on to walk up to Small Water and Nan Bield Pass, then by Mardale Ill Bell to High Street, across the Straits of Riggindale and on to Kidsty Pike, then down over Kidsty Howes.  With snow on the fells and brilliant air clarity it was a great day to be out.  Apart from taking this picture, I improved my pictures of drawings 59 and 94.

Peter Messenger’s photo is from the late 1970s.