Drawing 141: Ennerdale Water from High Stile

Direction of view: W

Notes:  The viewpoint is close to the summit of High Stile.  This sketch also appears on page 149 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and a similar view is on page 60 of Fellwanderer.

High Stile was one of my first fellwalks: on 28th May 1973 with Peter Messenger and some of his family. I was 15, and it made a huge impression, even though the views were limited to a five mile radius by haze: we could just about make out Ennerdale Water. Peter had not yet come up with his idea of photographing all the sketches, so it didn’t matter so much as in later years, when haze was an oft-cursed adversary!

Comments: I first took this picture on 31st August 1981, during a round of the full Ennerdale horseshoe with Peter Messenger (image 1).  See 124 for an account of that day.  I took the picture on digital on 10th September 2015 – again, see 124.  The rocks used for the foreground are different in each picture, and I haven’t located any that are definitively those drawn by AW.  I believe the 2015 effort (image 2) is the better of the two: these rocks are adjacent to the cairn on the westerly top.  Both days were rather hazy.