Drawing 133: Deer Bield Buttress, Easedale

Direction of view: W

Notes:  The viewpoint can be found by lining up the various craggy buttresses.  I haven’t located the actual rocks in AW’s foreground.

This view appears on page Tarn Crag 3 in The Central Fells, page 120 of Wainwright in Lakeland, page 111 of Westmorland Heritage, and is Lakeland Mountain Drawing 230.  The mountain drawing includes a couple of ravens.  Study of the sketch and the mountain drawing shows small differences, which seem to imply that the mountain drawing was probably done from the same photograph as the sketch, but not from the sketch itself.

Comments: I first visited this location on 30th and 31st July 2016.  I had originally committed to walk to Deer Bield Buttress as part of the Wainwright Society Challenge 2016, but was unable to do so in May, due to breaking my ankle in March.  I got an extension of time to the end of July, and decided to make it special by doing a wild camp, which also fitted with my (correct) suspicion that the picture would look best in early morning light.  So I walked in on the evening of Saturday 30th July, and camped below the buttress (but out of the fall line!).  The morning of 31st July was cloudy at first, but sunny intervals began to develop, and I got the picture at 8.20am.  After striking camp, I then went off in search of drawing 320.