Drawing 131: The Wythop Valley

Direction of view: E

Notes: The viewpoint is just above the “grass terrace” shown on page Ling Fell 3 in the guidebook.  The view also appears in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (460) and on page Sale Fell 4 in The North Western Fells.  Contrasting this sketch with the mountain drawing, it is striking what an enormous difference in style there is between the two.

Comments: During 2013, I started to do work as a volunteer at Kendal Archives, working on Wainwright’s collection of photographs.  One of the first things I found was the photograph on which this sketch is based – and it corresponds exactly to the drawing.  (The reference is WDAW/4/1/1/1/18). The scene, of course, is that which AW characterises as “The Great Illusion” in The North Western Fells guidebook – see pages Sale Fell 3 – 4.

I visited the Wythop Valley on 8th July 2016, climbing Ling Fell and Sale Fell; I looked for the viewpoint for this sketch, but passed it by unnoticed, and had to return up the grass terrace path at the end of the walk.  It was my first time on the fells since I broke my ankle on 7th March; a windy day, but a happy one.