Drawing 126: The ruins of Sleddale Grange

Direction of view: E (but see below)

Notes: The building portrayed by Wainwright no longer exists, nor is it possible to pinpoint its exact location.  Sleddale Grange now consists of a number of farm buildings, all but one being modern barns, the one being a stone barn, which looks nothing like the building drawn by Wainwright.

The bottom left portion of this sketch also appears on page 390 of Westmorland Heritage.

Comments: I first visited Wet Sleddale with a view to taking this photo on 20th January 2014 (see 208 for an account of this day).

Sleddale Hall, further up the valley, has become famous as the location for the cult film “Withnail and I”.  I checked these buildings, in case the sketch was in fact of one or more of them but it does not appear to be.

Research on the internet results in the following:

English Heritage: the House was built in 1691 on the site of a Premonstratensian grange of Shap Abbey.  Sleddale Grange is a 17th century two storey rubble walled house with a slate roof. A door lintel is dated 1691. The name derives from the fact that it was a grange of Shap Abbey.

A walking site describes Sleddale Grange as a collection of working barns, sheepfolds and pens.  A local historical website states that “the Grange is now no more, and has been replaced by a farm building”.  This accords with what I found on site.  The photo I took is of the one stone building still standing at Sleddale Grange, though it bears no resemblance to the one sketched by Wainwright.  The reservoir and dam are in the background of the sketch (as I interpret it) and similarly in my photo.