Drawing 118: Memorial cairn, Whitbarrow

Direction of view: NE

Notes: The cairn is now rather taller than shown in Wainwright’s drawing.  It includes a plaque, though AW has chosen not to depict that side of it.    The cairn is a memorial to Canon G. A. K. Hervey, co-founder of the Lake District Naturalists Trust.  This picture could be taken in the afternoon at any time of year.

The cairn in this sketch appears on page 85 of Westmorland Heritage: a typical example of Wainwright recycling work for new purposes.

Comments: I first took this picture on 16th December 2012, on a walk with Peter and Ruth Messenger from Helsington Church to Stripe Bridge (part of the Westmorland Heritage Walk).  A generally sunny day, though annoyingly the sun was stubbornly behind clouds whilst we were on the summit of Whitbarrow.  The resulting picture was dull, and is not shown here.

I took the picture again on 24th February 2016, whilst walking the excellent “Whitbarrow Geotrail” devised by Dr. Peter Standing.  In contrast with my earlier visit, I got a photo in fine sunshine, then stopped for lunch – at which point clouds spread in, so I was just in time for once!