Drawing 11: Lingmell and Piers Gill

Direction of view: WSW

Notes: The viewpoint is on the Corridor Route, and higher up it than might be expected, for this scene is visible from near the crossing of Skew Gill.

This view appears on page Lingmell 1 of The Southern Fells, in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (147) and in Fellwalking with a Camera (page 74).  Where the same scene appears in one of the sketchbooks and in one of the guidebooks it is always a different drawing, not a case of one drawing being used for two purposes.  The sketchbook drawings are considerably larger and more detailed than those in the guidebooks. This one is a stupendous technical tour de force!

Comments: I took this photo on 5th November 2012 (see Drawing 360 for a full account of that day).  It was surprising how it all came into proper shape almost from the path – which was quite slippery with ice and compressed snow.

Although Piers Gill is now known as an accident black spot for walkers heading to or returning from Scafell Pike, it had earlier fame as the location of the longest rock climb in England, the 500m long Pilgrims Progress, first climbed solo by Bentley Beetham on 22nd April 1940.