Drawing 108: Gable Crag, Dale Head

Direction of view: E

Notes: The viewpoint is Dale Head mine, which is on AW’s ascent of Dale Head from Little Town, and also easily accessible from the lowest point on the ridge between Dale Head and Hindscarth.  The ruins in the foreground are still there, but a little more ruinous.  The crag faces north, so late afternoon / early evening in summer will be best.

This view appears on page Dale Head 5 in The North Western Fells, page 180 of Fellwalking with a Camera, and in Lakeland Mountain Drawings (274).  Comparing the sketch with the photograph, Wainwright the artist has omitted some of the foreground and all of the background from the photograph, focussing on just the ruined building and the craggy buttress.  The white area on the left of the sketch perhaps suggests a bank of cloud concealing other features.

Comments: I took this picture on 10th June 2015.  Wainwright’s ascent of this flank of Dale Head had been on my “to do” list for a while, and this was a glorious early summer day.  After photographing the “Lonsties” sketch (39) on the way, I parked by Newlands Beck, and firstly took the photos of Newlands Church (301) and Hindscarth & Scope End (399), before setting out on the walk.  I reached the viewpoint for this drawing around 1pm – still too early for optimum conditions.  After lunch there, I continued up Dale Head, and on to Hindscarth.  Having taken the sketches there recently, I didn’t do so again that day, but continued to Robinson, securing drawing 166 on the descent back to Newlands, which looked its fresh, green best, with sparkling fields of buttercups.  A great day’s fellwalking and photography.