Drawing 105: The ridge from Causey Pike

Direction of view: W

Notes: The viewpoint is the summit of Causey Pike. This scene also appears as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 174, on page 93 of Wainwright in Lakeland, and on page Causey Pike 10 in The North Western Fells. In the mountain drawing, three walkers can be seen on the ridge

Comments: I took this picture on 29th September 2013, a glorious autumn day.  From Stair, I ascended steeply to Rowling End (see drawing 287), then on to Causey Pike, where fortunately I had the summit to myself for photos.  The ridge looks tempting from here, and I continued to Scar Crags for drawing 325.  I returned via Outerside, Stile End and Barrow.  It was my first visit to the Causey Pike ridge for 16 years – far too long!

On the slopes of Sail can be seen the wavy line of the infamous reconstructed footpath.  The former direct path left an enormous erosion scar (visible in this picture, but now fading), but this early attempt at “Fixing the Fells” is generally thought not to be the answer.  What would AW have thought?