Drawing 100: East face of High Man, Pillar Rock

Direction of view: NW

Notes:  The viewpoint is at the top of Shamrock Traverse.

This view appears on page Pillar 5 in The Western Fells, and as Lakeland Mountain Drawing 396.

Comments: I first took this picture on 27th February 2019, along with 220, 217, 187, 381 and 66.  See 217 for an account of that day.  Despite the wonderful weather, the fells were deserted, so no point in waiting for someone to appear on top of Pisgah! However, although the scene lacked sunlight, the Rock exuded a rather lovely rosy glow.

This face of Pillar sports the well-known “Slab and Notch” route, which is generally regarded as the easiest way to the summit.  The Slab can be seen just below the centre of the picture.  The route is graded “Moderate” (the easiest rock-climbing grade), and was first climbed on 14th August 1863 by a party of seven.