Drawing 1: Bowfell from Lingmoor Fell

Direction of view: WNW

Notes: In winter, shadows encroach on the left side of the scene by mid-afternoon.

This is a larger version of the drawing at page Bowfell 1 in The Southern Fells.  Intriguingly, the trees on the right are identical, but those on the left are different!  It also appears in Westmorland Heritage (p208) and Wainwright in Lakeland (p10).  Drawings which appear in Wainwright in Lakeland are generally reproductions of the drawings from the five Lakeland Sketchbooks, not new drawings of the same scene.

Comments: I took this picture on 6th February 2012, virtually contemporaneously with the launch of the Wainwright Society Sketchbook Project.  It occurred to me that people visiting the website and interested in the project, would go first to drawing number 1, and so it would be good to have some content there in terms of a photograph.

There had been a fresh fall of snow over the weekend, followed by glorious weather on the Monday.  I was able to get away from home about noon, and left Dungeon Ghyll at 1pm – with Middlefell Place looking wonderful on my right, I was deeply regretting not having brought AW’s drawing of it with me.  Lesson learned!  However, I did get Drawing 250 The Solitary, Blea Tarn in reasonable conditions, and  24, Langdale Pikes from Lingmoor Fell, in excellent condition.

This viewpoint is very close to the location of Drawing 24, and I was just a bit late reaching it, as the notes above reveal!  Nevertheless, it was a passably good shot, and was one of three of my photos included on the website at the launch of the Wainwright Society project (the others being numbers 30 and 54).