I want to acknowledge all the help and encouragement I have received in this somewhat mammoth project. 

First of all,thanks to Jane King and Annie Sellar of The Wainwright Estate for their support and encouragement, and for permission to reproduce Wainwright’s sketches on this website.Then thanks to staff at the Cumbria Archive Centre in Kendal, for helping me to access their fantastic collection of Wainwright material. 

Thanks to Darren, Ryan, Gurbir, Kapil, Vibhu and Hazel at Web Creation UK for understanding and delivering what I wanted for this website.  And thanks to individuals: to use the familiar wording: I couldn’t have done it without helpers, but any mistakes are purely my responsibility.

Thanks, then, to:

Andrew Amos(on the left in the picture), who accompanied Peter Messenger and I on many trips in the 1970s, and gave permission to use his photo of Demavend.
Bill Cross (on the right in the picture), for advice on presentation of the project.

Sheelagh Hughes Hallett, for helping me to find some of the viewpoints, and for ideas on presentation and picture selection.

Peter Messenger, for inspiration and encouragement: he came up with the original idea, gave permission to use his photos taken in the 1970s, helped with transport and helped me to search out many of the viewpoints.

Rosie the red Fiesta provided reliable transport on all my trips into the Lake District in connection with this project. By the end of it, she was still going strong, with 170,000+ miles on the clock (not all in relation to this project!).

Anne Setright, seen here at the viewpoint of sketch 270, for her encouragement, for posing when the picture required a figure in it, for helping me find viewpoints, and for her tremendous work and support in preparing and uploading material to this site .

Peter Watson, for enduring diversions to seek out viewpoints, then insisting that I get the details right.

Last but not least, thanks to my old friend John Aston, for writing the necessary legal stuff, and making helpful suggestions.